sweet new ride (a history, part three)

When my coworker explained to me how she rode her bike to work, that’s when the bug bit. It was the end of summer in 2011, so I couldn’t really do anything about it at the time, but as soon as spring rolled in early here in New York this year, the idea re-awoke in my mind. On a sunny day, I took my trusty little steed out of her pen and cleaned her off, checked the tires and the breaklines, and went for my first bike ride of the year. I rode, and as I rode I wondered, could this bike take me all the way to Manhattan? Would I want it to?

Maybe I could have, but damn if a little pique of acquisitiveness didn’t come along when I saw the Trek WSD series – bikes designed just for women? Bikes designed for commuting, with comfortable seats and plenty of gears to help tackle those hills? (Let’s ignore for a moment that I needed to actually be taught how to use those gears, since I’d never had a bike with more than three.) A shiny new bike for my shiny new endeavor? Yes please.

I fell hard for the Trek Allant. Clean lines, cream-colored like my Roadmaster but sexier, more put together. The college-educated dame to my rough-and-tumble broad. I bought my bike one sunny afternoon in Bed-Stuy because they had my frame size in stock and fifteen minutes after the very nice salesguy delivered it to my house, I took her out for a spin. I remember riding down 41st street, as the hill gently rolled down towards Tenth Avenue, and hearing a guy on the sidewalk laugh at the huge grin on my face. I was totally in love.

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