daily commute, june 7th

pier six

I hemmed and hawed over biking to work this morning. The whole week, we’ve had unpredictable threats of thunderstorms here in New York. Again this morning with the “40% chance of doom” forecast on my iPhone. I spent ten minutes after waking up whining to Stuart about it.

Me: “…. and I have a staff meeting up at the hospital at 2pm.”
Stuart: “Then don’t ride in!”

But I haven’t ridden all week and it’s starting to grate on me, so I saddle up and go. My logic is, I’m wearing a lightweight cotton dress that’ll dry quickly and an ugly but functional rain slicker, and if the heavens really open at midday, then I can just leave the bike at work and take the bus to my meeting, returning at the end of the workday and taking a break in the weather to cycle home. (How do you constant commuters deal with the threat of rain? I’m going to start to be more laid-back about it. It’s just rain, right?)

It was such a gorgeous ride in the morning. I made it to the ferry landing in 32 minutes, which is pretty fast for me (hey, that’s like a six-minute mile!) and rolled on board the 9:14am ferry. Again, I ordered iced coffee on the boat and again, found the lid popping off in my basket for the three minute ride to my office on the Manhattan side. I apparently need to learn some things twice!

My mid-day ride up to the hospital, at First Avenue and 15th Street, is pretty much all greenways (although they’re doing construction on Pike Street’s protected bike path that leaves me weaving in and out of cranky Chinatown traffic). I get more sweaty fussing with my bike locks outside the hospital than I do on the ride there. And my ride home? Uninterrupted by the doom-and-gloom thunderstorms predicted, although I could see the clouds hovering over Queens and Midtown, very dramatic!

What I wore
Another ride, another dress. This time, a navy-and-turquoise dress that I bought last weekend with a navy blue cardigan. The most notable thing about today’s ride was that it was my first time in heels! I have these gorgeous wedge sandals from Camper and I was determined to try them out on the bike. Turns out, not only are they super comfortable for biking (hello, you only apply the front ball of your foot to the pedal anyway), but the extra two inches they give me make me feel positively TALL when I come to a stop at a traffic light. I can just plant my foot right down, no slight wobble sideways. Chic cycling endeavors continue apace!

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