daily commute, june 8th

Biking to work, two days in a row! Yesterday was another one of those will-it, won’t-it rain days, but the morning dawned glorious so I didn’t even engage in any psychological agony. I threw my rain slicker in my pannier and away I went.

(Fun fact: there was a spider on my handlebars. I might be a tough lady most of the time but I shrieked like a girl and jumped off my bike, which, at least I was still on my own block which is pretty quiet. Listen, spider. Get your own bike!)

I have yet to figure out the timing of my commute to the ferry, which can vary from 30 minutes to 45 depending on … what, I don’t know. I had good winds prevailing on Friday, I guess, and I got to Brooklyn Bridge Park ten minutes before the 8:54 ferry to Wall Street, which meant I could bust out my leak-tight tea thermos (isn’t it civilized to travel with tea?) and have my morning caffeine with one hell of a view:

A nice place for your morning cup of tea

The evening commute home was a different matter entirely. My friend Erik was in town  and the mistake I made was to assume we could meet for one drink and then I could cycle home, at the very latest around sundown, with lights on. Woops. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years and had a lot of catching up to do! We met for a beer at Loreley, and then wandered deeper into the LES for another drink, and by the time we were done catching up, a) it was 9:30pm and fully dark and b) I had three drinks in me. Certainly not incapacitated, but definitely not riding anywhere.

To the subway! I know you can take bikes on New York subways (thank god) but I had forgotten what a pain in the butt it can be. Erik gallantly carried my bike down the stairs, but even at 9:30 the D train going back to Brooklyn is half full, so I spent the 20-minute ride back to my neighborhood trying not to be in anyone’s way. Back in Sunset Park, I hauled it up our station’s blessedly short single set of stairs and actually rode home (lights on!) the three blocks back to my apartment. In heels!

So I’m glad I had the lovely morning ride, but next time I have after-work plans, I’ll be firm with myself on the one-drink rule, or I’ll leave the bike at home.

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